There can be no compromise when it comes to getting the crunch of a traditional crisp or a popped chip just right.

Nor can there be any compromise when it comes to flavour and provenance.

With these things in mind, meet two brands headed up by passionate farmers who literally reap what they sow…








Wholesums: from the ground up


Love great flavour with plenty of fibre but hate waste? Looking for a way to guiltlessly grab a low-fat, vegan portion of your five-a-day, and enjoy it? Then make Wholesums your snack of choice.


Up from the ground and plucked from the vine, these naturally flavoured carrot, pea, and potato snacks are exceedingly light and an absolute delight. What makes them so good?


Wholesums uses the whole veg, including the nutrition-rich skins and stalks. Because of this, consumers benefit from a healthier, better quality snack. On top of this, there’s also the feelgood factor that comes from helping reduce the 10 million tonne pile of food waste that builds up in the UK each year.



A family affair




Hailing from Perthshire, father and son, George and James Taylor, know a thing or two about farming—and plenty more about popped chips.


Standing on the shoulders of four generations of farmers, and having been in the crisp business for a decade already, their farming family legacy has proved fertile ground for new ideas,  with Wholesums (a response to changing snack trends) being their latest and most promising venture.







Paragons of popping perfection: A quick recap of what makes Wholesums special…





  • Totally vegan
  • Made from whole carrot, whole peas, and whole potatoes – veritably veggie!

  • Just 85 calories in a pack – no need to hit the cross trainer after tucking in

  • Bags of flavour – and we do mean bags!

  • Great source of fibre and protein

  • Low in saturated fats: with just 6% in a bag—most popped snacks have more than double that—there’s no reason not to finish one packet then grab another

  • Nothing artificial whatsoever – so totally Wholesums

  • Baked and gently popped, not fried, keeping fat to a minimum and original vegetable flavours fully intact



Beat the Autumn rush – order today


Where Wholesums is concerned there’s so much to say and, for all of the reasons above, these are flying off the shelves in universities and colleges, business and industry…just about anywhere and everywhere you can think of where people love to grab a snack. So order your boxes today to beat the September rush.


Oh…Wholesums are also CQUIN compliant, and by October 2019 will be fully school compliant as well. Another reason to start stocking now.



Corking great crisps from finest Fenland farmers…






Quality at its roots


To taste a Corker’s crisp is to indulge in the very depths of scientific food endeavour dating back to the 1800s. If you think  Corkers are any old crisps, think again.


Made from Naturalo potatoes, which absorb less oil during cooking than other varietals, Corkers Crisps are naturally lighter, healthier and less calorific than other competing snacks.


And the accolades and awards speak for themselves: Great Taste gold star award winners eight times in four separate years, UK Grower Award winner in 2015, and proudly sporting the Red Tractor logo guaranteeing the highest food standards! Rest assured, when it comes to crisps, Corkers are top of the pile.


And get this…as if that wasn’t enough, Corkers holds no less than…



TWO world records…





1. First crisp packet launched into space. Crispily cosmic!


2. Biggest bag of crisps ever weighing a staggering 1.14 tonnes.


Gives a whole new meaning to the notion of a family pack, doesn’t it?






Farming friends with a penchant for orange neon boots


It would be difficult to miss Ross Taylor and Rod Garnham out in the field. Amid the deep greens and earthy browns of the flat fens, their orange boots literally stand out a mile.


The brains behind Corkers Crisps, these two best friends are sticklers for provenance, overseeing every aspect of the Corkers supply chain.



Natural selection


Ross and Rod nurture every Corkers Crisp from seed to potato to fryer to packet. There is no part of the production process they aren’t involved in. It really is quality control at the very highest level. But success first begins with having the best soil…


Fenland soil is known throughout the food industry as some of the most fertile in the UK. The fens, in fact, account for no less than half of the grade 1 agricultural land in the country. So the soil is just about as good as it gets when it comes to growing the tastiest tatties.


And it’s the unique choice of Naturalo potatoes in conjunction with the finest soil and accomplished cooking techniques that gives Corkers Crisps their deep, satisfying crunch and irresistible flavour.


So come on…order your boxes of Corkers today!