Yum. Yum. Yum!

If ever you were in a need of a swift nibble on the move,

there’s nothing more rewarding or energising than a mouthful of the

tasty goodness you’ll find inside every little #SNACKBOOST bag…










If we told you that #SNACKBOOST was one of our favourite ranges, of course, you might say we were biased. After all, we produce it here in our own packaging division just off the A1 in Peterborough.


But we created Snack Boost because there was a demand in the market for a portion-controlled, on-the-go range of snacks that provided a quick energy boost from healthy and free-from ingredients.


We knew we’d hit things just right because, since we launched it in 2017, we’ve sold over a million packs from the #SNACKBOOST range. We think that’s because they’re not just ‘snacky and boosty’ but because they’re also fun, and taste great.


So…what do we have? Well, there’s…


  • Crazy Cranberries (don’t get nuts, get fruity)
  • When Yoghurt Met Raisins (a romance tale)
  • Spicy Protein Crunch (flex!)
  • Cashews, and Peanuts (simply nutritious)
  • Nature’s Nibbles (totally nibblin’)
  • Sensational Cream and Onion Hit (POW!)
  • Sugar-Free Fruit Gums (terrifically tasty and won’t rot your teeth)
  • Sugar-Free Gummy Bears (kids just love ’em)





This impulse range, which is comprised of products from DIFG’s four main brands—Healthy Ideas, Snack Ideas, Sweet Ideas, and the eponymous Delicious Ideas—was created for people on the move. We’re talking commuters, fitness fanatics, people who want to lose weight, busy mums and dads, hungry children in between main meals – really anybody in need of a quick, nutritious foodie fix to keep them going without spoiling their appetite.


Something also worthy of note about #SNACKBOOST is that no less than half of the range is CQUIN compliant. Which means they meet clear sugar content thresholds and can be sold and consumed on NHS premises by staff, visitors, and patients. We like that – naturally!


So…if you fancy a box (or several) of #SNACKBOOST from our Snack, Healthy, or Sweet Ideas ranges, get in touch with us at DIFG today.

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