When it comes to flavoursome artisanal meat snacks, few do it better than The Curators.

When we first tasted their cured and marinated jerky,

we were left with little choice but to stock ‘em and stack ‘em high…









 Exhilarating flavours, tantalising texture…


These slivers of grass-fed beef, hand cured and steeped in heady spices are super low in fat and carbs, and high in protein.


Post gym? Pre-bar? Doesn’t matter. The Curators Beef Jerky can be enjoyed any time, anywhere.


Modern design for modern consumers


Pastel colours with a single cinnamon coloured brush stroke give the packaging its contemporary feel, something that’s been a key element in its differentiation within a crowded market.


‘Co-founders Ed Hauck and Max Rees had this vision of really modernising the meat snacks world in the UK.’ says The Curator’s head of sales, Toby Fleming. ‘Keen to move away from cowboy cliches, they’ve gone for a minimal design that reflects the feel and flavour of the products.’


‘They’ve brought jerky into the present with great packaging, and high-grade British beef full of the sort of foodie flavours consumers and chefs love.’


A match that’s cookin’


Needing better distribution, an operative from a site already selling The Curator’s products put Toby in touch with Jonathan Potter, CEO of Delicious Ideas Food Group (DIFG).


Adds Toby, ‘It’s great to be working with Delicious Ideas. We’re able to get our products more deeply into the market with four of our SKUs appearing in places we wouldn’t have been able to get them before.


It’s a real confidence boost to have an established, trustworthy supplier behind us, particularly in the foodservice channel which can be tough to break into without the sort of robust backing DIFG provides.


‘What’s great is that when you speak to the guys here, they’re completely on your level. You get an immediate feeling that they want to work alongside you and do the right thing for your brand.


There’s a real symbiosis there. Everyone I’ve met at Delicious Ideas is really personable and I know The Curators products are in the very best hands.’


Meat snacks growth channel



He adds, ‘With the help of DIFG, and through our own efforts, we’re growing as a brand. Because this food channel is also growing, the timing couldn’t be better.’


Big companies are also buying into the healthy meat snack idea, and The Curators now has pride of place at companies including LinkedIn, Google, and Salesforce.


‘Our big USP is we’re offering customers pieces of lovingly marinated, high-quality British steak in a bag. They’re gluten-free and have very few carbs, yet they’re satiating because of the high protein content.’





And then there’s the…BBQ Pork Puffs!


Tasting much like a light and fluffy crisp, The Curators’ Pork Puffs are also low in fat and high in protein.


Using a process that removes almost all of the fat, the rind is subsequently fried at high temperature to produce a deliciously crispy snack that’s airy and full of natural seasoning.


‘There’s about 70% less fat in our Pork Puffs than in your average pork scratching.


‘Here, we’ve achieved our aim of taking an occasional guilty pub bite and transforming it into an everyday snack.


He adds, ‘With zero carbs and 17g of protein—ridiculously high for such a light bite—Pork Puffs are a fantastic alternative to traditional crisps.’


Meaty means business


With the meat snack business already worth around £150million in the UK, unlike the US where the market is saturated, there’s still plenty of headroom to allow for further growth.


Says Jonathan Potter, ‘The Curators Jerky and Pork Puffs fill a gap for us by adding to our existing snack distribution repertoire.


‘We’ve been looking for a truly great artisanal meat snack we can sink our teeth into, and I’m confident contract caterers and retailers will want to stock The Curators products.


‘This is Beef Jerky like you never tasted before! I don’t think there could be a better time to start testing these relatively new products on the shelves and on customers. These are going to be strong sellers.’


Fancy a few boxes of The Curators Jerky or Pork Puffs to see how they sell for you? Choose from these mouthwatering flavours…




–       Teriyaki Spiced Beef

–       Sweet & Smoky Beef

–       Korean BBQ Beef


Why not add Spicy BBQ Pork Puffs to your order, too? Crispy, crunchy, and so moreishly munchy you’ll be placing your next order before you’re through the last one.


To order your boxes of Jerky and Pork Puffs today, get in touch with one of our friendly sales team



 * Pic at the top – The Curators’ DIFG account manager, Emma Unwin, with Toby Fleming, Head of Sales at The Curators