When it comes to snack and confectionery items,

an increasing number of modern consumers tend to

look for three key ingredients…







Products that…


  1. Look attractive
  2. Tantalise the taste buds!
  3. Have a great story behind the brand


Seed and Bean have all three of the above, and a tale of ethics excellence to boot. Now when we say ‘great story’, in the environmentally and socially conscious world we live in today, we’re talking about provenance and a keen sense of ethics.


Seed and Bean’s mission to create a confectionery range working with small scale suppliers and using only organic ingredients – Fairtrade where possible – is a theme that runs through the heart of the business, and hasn’t changed.


Of the bars available, one of them packs a massive 72% cacao punch! 100% organic, totally vegan, and chocca-block stocked with flavonoids to fend off damaging free radicals, therefore contributing to a truly healthy diet. And if it didn’t weigh just 35 grams, you might call it a heavyweight in the antioxidant department.





There are also in the Seed and Bean range other adventurous flavours such as Organic Cornish Sea Salt & Lime, and Organic Orange & Thyme, making eating chocolate not just an indulgent but also a mentally and physically rewarding experience.


The fact that Seed and Bean is Fairtrade, has a 100% ethical accreditation, 100% Organic soil association accreditation, and 100% home compostable packaging, including the NatureFlex inner foil, ensures that snacking on Seed and Bean comes entirely guilt-free—and we like that!


Artisanal at heart, Seed and Bean, produces small batches of just 45 litres—a fraction of the many tens of thousands of litres per batch made by big confectionery providers. In addition, the bars are wrapped in compostable packaging, right down to the wood-based foil that keeps the chocolate fresh.


So, if you’re looking for attractive, flavourful, ethical indulgence, look no further than Seed and Bean from DIFG.


To order your boxes of Seed and Bean, get in touch with us at Delicious Ideas Food Group today!