Just when you think you can’t spin established confectionery any other way, along comes a product that doesn’t just pop your tastebuds, it also pops your imagination!


The brainchild of Greg Taylor—aka The Popcornoisseur—and his Grandmother, Beryl, Retrocorn has grown from a dream, hatched in Beryl’s home kitchen, to a commercial reality that’s now gathering serious momentum.





But what exactly is Retrocorn? In a nutshell, it’s popcorn naturally cooked in oil then dusted with different flavours of crushed retro sweets…



Strawberries and Cream, Cherry Pips, Cola Cubes, Rhubarb and Custard—these are just some of the memorable delights that have, over a period of five years’ ‘lab development’, been reinvented and recreated for the first time as new popcorn flavours. And the best bit is, Retrocorn contains no obscure chemicals, additives or preservatives, and is both gluten-free and vegan.



‘You get the texture of perfectly cooked popcorn, combined with the heavenly taste of traditional British sweets,’ says Greg. ‘Though unlike traditional sweets of old, all of the E numbers and nasties are gone, and the processes and ingredients are one-hundred percent natural.’



When Retrocorn won the Free From Food Awards in the ‘confectionery, chocolate and sweets’ category, it garnered the attention of Delicious Ideas Food Group (DIFG), and Greg realised his commitment had paid off.



DIFG now distributes Retrocorn nationally, making this a step up into the major league for the young and ambitious entrepreneur.



‘What really excites me about Delicious Ideas,’ says Greg, ‘is that they are nominated suppliers to all of the big contract caterers in the UK. They also provide a clear route into high street retail.



‘Retailers won’t work with independent suppliers striking out alone. They want a good distributor to supply them with many different brands at once. So it’s exciting to have the backing of a long-established and experienced operator like Delicious Ideas.’



Says Jonathan Potter,’ CEO of DIFG. ‘What Greg has done with popcorn is daring and smart. Though he’s entered a market that’s considered quite saturated, because of his innovation of combining popcorn and crushed retro sweets, he has reignited people’s imaginations and their attitudes toward popcorn, and we expect sales to be strong.



‘The products are fun, the branding is spot on, and the grab ‘n’ go bags look superb on the shelves. But above all the products taste great. I love the flavours. For me, it’s like all of the best bits of confectionery history brought together in a bag. Retrocorn is, without doubt, the sort of product that both contract catering and retail buyers will want to stock.’







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