Taking what has traditionally been found in tins and jars and putting them into handy hanging pouches to conserve freshness and flavour, founder of Olly’s Olives (Olly Hiscocks – see what he did there?) has fulfilled his ambition to deliver and present the humble green olive in all its full and resplendent glory.


Hooray for the Halkidiki!


Just opening a pack of Olly’s releases the heady aromas of the marinades and transports you to sunny Grecian grottos. And placing one of Olly’s Olives on the tongue then slowly chewing is an unrivalled experience in taste and texture.


Classic flavour combinations include Basil & Garlic, Chilli & Rosemary, and Lemon & Thyme. The fact that Olly’s Olives are unpasteurised also means that the integrity of each and every small fruit is maintained. They may have travelled, but Olly’s Olives are in no way jetlagged—you get them as ripe and fresh and flavoursome as nature originally intended.


What more can we say? They’re oval, they’re in a bag, they’re stupendously succulent, and they’re available now…


Order your boxes of Olly’s Olives today!