Indie Bay Snacks has gone and done the traditional pretzel a favour.

No more unnecessary contortions; these new arrivals are comfortably round.

Yes, the healthy Spelt Snack has been giving a modern spin and got itself a new identity…







What will they think of next?


In their quest to find a niche-within-a-niche and grab the attention of consumers in search of a truly satisfying snack, Indie Bay has pushed the boundaries of victual expressiveness into new and unexpected places…






Think of pretzels and what usually springs to mind: A knot, a heart, a coil of confusion?



NOT when it comes to Indie Bay Snacks. They make you think differently. These guys have reimagined – heck, reinvented – the proverbial wheel, aka pretzel, transforming it into something altogether more – holistic. Like a wheel, but not a wheel. 


Great post-workout (or even pre), lovely with an ice-cold beer, perfect with a glass of wine or as a prelude to a vegan meal (yes, they’re totally vegan), this versatile offering is a surefire hit with people looking for something light, healthy, and crunchily scrumptious.


Did we mention they’re also great on their own?



Flavourful and healthy



Rock Salt, Easy Cheesy, or BBQ. The one thing they have in common (apart from being delightfully spherical) is they’re all made of Spelt—a great alternative to wheat flour that’s lighter in gluten, higher in fibre and protein, has fewer calories and is generally healthier.




Indie Bay – take it away!


Indie Bay’s Pretzel Bites are good for you, making them what you might call, in snacking terms, the perfect all-rounder.


And, on the subject of goodness, founder of the company, Dafna Ciechanover Bonas (middle-back in the team pic), is a  trustee of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, and is all about doing good stuff in the food industry.


And, get this…she’s also a board advisor of Intelligence Squared! No wonder she saw greater potential in the humble pretzel than a wild squiggle.






No guilt. No grease. No fuss…


…aaaaall CRUNCH!


These delightfully flavoursome bites are practical, too. No need to worry about smearing your keyboard or trackpad. Pretty thoughtful, eh?



Here at the DIFG offices…


We went to town when the boxes landed, and we’ve already munched our way good few packets of of Indies. Then again, there are quite a lot of us.





Where we come from, umami means outrageously moreish, and Indie Bay Pretzel Bites are just that. So that’s why we tend to polish off the lot. But don’t worry; we’re stocking more and we’re stacking them high, so it’s a great time to order your boxes.



A Malteser lookalike, but with a savoury smile 



Just to round things off, how about a quick anecdote…


One of our chief tasters saw a bowl of Indies in the office and said, ‘Mmmm, Maltesers…’ She’s partial to chocolate, you see. Then she reached in and reached up and popped an Indie Bay Pretzel Bite  into her mouth (Smokin’ BBQ if memory serves). Everybody watched and waited.


Her next words? ‘Ooooo. Not Maltesers.’ And she walked off, smiling.


So, when you think of Pretzels, forget those showy contortionists of old and think instead of the new and rambunctiously round. Think blue skies and sunshine. Think independence. Think California. Think Indie Bay.






Get your boxes…NOW!



Stocked in trendy sites throughout London and featuring on supermarket shelves, Indie Bay Pretzel Bites might be small in stature but they’re BIG on flavourful ambition. Rest assured, these pretzels are on a roll. They’re going places.


And now that DIFG has partnered with these clever snack disruptors, they’re going to be seen in more places than ever.


And that’s a pretzel promise!





Stocked now by Delicious Ideas.  There’s no better time to try Indie Bay Snacks.

Order your boxes today.

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