Fresh out of the blocks this month are three cutting-edge brands

giving snacking and grazing an innovative spin.

All distributed and now available through DIFG.









The big graze craze and eating ‘al-desko’



Commonly documented in the food press, the way people eat is changing. Habits of Millennials have increasingly moved away from three square meals a day toward a more regular but less intensive food intake.


For time-strapped workers, ‘little and often’ is the mantra and ‘al-desko’ often the location. Less of a fad and more of a necessity, grazing has become, for millions, the preferred (and sometimes only) option.


But if grazing equals freeing up more time to do other things–which, of course, it does–we’re all for it! 


With this in mind, check out these three groundbreaking brands working double-time to make grazing great.


(And remember…DIFG now distributes these standout snacking disruptors. You can secure your boxes today by getting in touch today and talking to one of our friendly team.)



Olly’s Olives – Unsurpassed taste and texture



Taking what has traditionally been found in tins and jars and putting them into handy hanging pouches to conserve freshness and flavour, founder of Olly’s Olives (Olly Hiscocks – see what he did there?) has fulfilled his ambition to deliver and present the humble green olive in all its full and resplendent glory.


Hooray for the Halkidiki!


Just opening a pack of Olly’s releases the heady aromas of the marinades and transports you to sunny Grecian grottos. And placing one of Olly’s Olives on the tongue then slowly chewing is an unrivalled experience in taste and texture.


Classic flavour combinations include Basil & Garlic, Chilli & Rosemary, and Lemon & Thyme. The fact that Olly’s Olives are unpasteurised also means that the integrity of each and every small fruit is maintained. They may have travelled, but Olly’s Olives are in no way jetlagged—you get them as ripe and fresh and flavoursome as nature originally intended.


What more can we say? They’re oval, they’re in a bag, they’re stupendously succulent, and they’re available now…


Fully launched through DIFG. Order your boxes today! 



Bepps – Black-Eyed Pea Puffs, rapping full flavour



Just when you thought snacking couldn’t go one better, along comes Bepps with a snack-in-a-bag idea that has you thoughtfully chewing as you reach for more. Throwing your tastebuds into a tizz is the realisation that these delightful little puffs of flavour are made entirely from Black Eyed Peas.



Low calorie, organic, gluten-free, vegan, GMO and MSG-free, Bepps snacks are good in every way, not to mention marvellously moreish. Flavours to choose from? Try Sweet Chilli, Sea Salt and Black Pepper, or Cheese flavour.


Our verdict? Time for another box, because we’ve eaten our samples already!


Oh, and if you still weren’t convinced that Bepps put their flavour where their puffs are and their altruistic money where their mouth is, it’s worth noting that they do TONS for charity work: 10 percent of all profits currently go to Great Ormond Street Hospital. Plus they’ve given away a whopping ten-thousand packs to homeless people through 260 partnering organisations. Simply put – it’s time to big up Bepps! And we mean BIG TIME!


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Spare Snacks – Waste not, want lots!






If you’re a lover of delicious crisps and haven’t tried Spare Snacks, you’re missing out.


Detractors of sidelining perfectly good fruit and veg that won’t conform to formulas, in super-foodie-hero style Spare Snacks swooped in to champion the wondrously wonky, and won a Great Taste star along the way! We say: ‘Bravo!’


Recognising that fantastic fresh fruit and veg was being discriminated against and neglected on the basis of shape, size and colour, Spare Snacks committed to elevating these outliers from their undervalued status and giving them a platform on which to shine.


Today, Spare Snacks prepares and bags its fresh fruit and veg crisps with an even greater degree of tender loving care than that afforded their perfectly straight, pristinely round contemporaries elsewhere.


Air-dried (never fried) Spare Snacks deliver all of the satisfying crispiness of crisps without the high fat and calorie content usually associated with more traditional bag snacks.


Apple, Apple Cinnamon, and Beetroot with apple cider vinegar arrive as beautiful crisps in all of their self-affirming, nutritious glory. It’s great news for all fruit and veg (not just the ‘clones’), great news for producers and great news for the planet.


Eat from the bag, try as dippers or add to salads for a satisfying and flavoursome crunch. Spare Snacks are also vegan, gluten-free, CQUIN compliant (suitable for sale in schools and hospitals), and high in fibre. And get this–just one pack counts as one of your five-a-day. Gracious goodness and goodness gracious! Grazing doesn’t get more guilt-free than this.


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