Time to get Perk!er



Perk!er Bites and Bars? We love ‘em. Here’s a company that’s doing good…

No palm oil, recyclable packaging, stuffed with tasty nuts and seeds, 100 percent plant-based, and great for the gut! What’s not to like?






Perk!er founders Ann Perkins and Steve Turner (see what they did there?) are big on elevation. Ann is a mountain climber and Steve is a trained pilot.

We love snack brands on a mission to rise to the top and are super-keen to help them get there…

Not only do we eat Perk!er Bites and Bars by the box load (don’t worry, we dispose of all our packaging responsibly), we also distribute Perk!er’s main snack ranges to food service and retail throughout the UK.



There are five types of Quinoa Bars: Peanut; Cacao & Cashew; Coconut and Chia; Goji and Cranberry; and Cashew, Chia & Pumpkin – ALL of which pack a nutritious protein punch.

And then there are those cheeky Perk!er Bites we love…

Cacao and Orange; Salted Caramel; & Cacao & Peanut

AKA Yum, Yum & YUM! (In that order).

Apart from having not a drop of palm oil in any of their products (three cheers for endangered Orangutans!), Perk!er products are also dairy free, gluten free, vegan, high in fibre and full of flavour.

Our best advice? Try them.


To order your Perk!er products, get in touch with DIFG today!